The Tasty Manipulation of the Copywriting Niche

The Copywriting Niche- where you market trap potential customers through persuading words.

For example, 

Have you ever cracked a smile even though you know it’s an annoying advertisement?

Have you ever been intrigued when a journalist started their script on tv?

The Copywriters job is to write the script for the teleprompter that the News Reporter reads off.

Or maybe you’ve scrolled past an ad on social media and slammed your thumb down because of the captivating call to action? 

Notice the call to action with ‘Download‘ and ‘Find out’ Finding the balance of selling the product subtly is key here

You have all fell victim to the enthralling Copywriting niche and that’s what I would love to do when I grow up 

(as cliche as that is)  

But with any niche if you want to attract the most customers, you have to specialise in your field in order to personalize the marketing to future customers

I learnt this and more off Alex Cottoni a Copywriting guru, would recommend if anyone’s looking to get into the field

For starters we need to work out what type of Copywriting you want to get into 

Stasa Durdic identifies these five types;

  1. Direct Response Copywriting (seeks a direct and immediate response)- Squeeze pages, Home pages, Contact pages, Social ads (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.).
  2. Marketing Copywriting (offer solutions to consumers’ problems and insist on the benefits our solutions provide)- Landing pages (web copywriting), Newsletters and sales emails (email copywriting)
  3. Brand Copywriting(conveys the image and the identity of a brand)-  – About me / About us page
  4. SEO Copywriting (persuade reader and position content on Google)- Product descriptions, Product categories, Landing pages
  5. Technical Copywriting (focuses on an audience that has an in-depth understanding of how a specific sector works)- Gastronomic copywriting, Tourist copywriting, Copywriting for the health sector, Copywriting for the fashion and beauty sector

So now you’ve worked out what type you’re interested, we can now get into the fun stuff!

Maybe you want to live the dream and travel the world?

Or maybe you’re a boujee foodie writer and can tell the difference between an avo on toast compared to an organic Avacodo on gluten free toast? 

Or maybe your lifes just that entertaining just to tell everyone about! 

(Free counseling included from fans)

But the point is whatever your passionate about you can write about if you love it enough that you can sell it to the world. 

So why should you be interested? 

Not only do experienced copywriters make 6 figures a year, but they also can travel the world while working! 

English for Travelers: How to Learn the English You'll Need to ...
(just make sure you get some work done)

Covid is actually the perfect time to be a copywriter, consider copywriters mainly work from home.

On an education level, it builds vocabulary, improves writing skills and increases marketing knowledge. 

21 of the best Copywriting examples to inspire you - THE EXPAT ...
increase in skill equals an increase in profit (in copywriting at least)

An ethnographic investigation would help me expand, improve, or otherwise enhance the understanding of Copywriting through increased knowledge means a step closer to my dream job. 

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